Its that time of the Year again, for freezing water pipes.  Please make sure you leave your water trickling to prevent freezing water pipes for the community water  system.

Come meet Santa was a success, we had 21 Kids come to the party. Thank you to everyone for their help and donations.  I think everyone had a good time.  Photos still to come. 

Reminder Bills are due January 31st, 2019.  Please make sure that you are up to date or late fees will be applied and lien(s) & lien fees as well as possible shut offs of your water if not paid on time or payment arrangements made ahead of time. 

Lot and Water Billing has been mailed. Community Well Water users you will see that we have  included water reports that were recently done, that the DNR requires us to do every 3 years.  We also do Bacterial testing every month, which results for that can be found on this website.  Lead and Copper testing were also done to 5 individual houses in the Manor and those tests came back normal as well. 

We still are looking for bids to put in the baseball diamond backing yet. So if you know anyone with equipment to install and have insurance. Please have them contact a member of the board to submit a bid. 

I was notified by the Town of Dover that a few numbers have changed.  The Building Inspector Cell # is  262-895-9405 and Non emergency for the Town of Dover Water Patrol is 262-758-0450.