5-2-23 Since alot of people did not show up for the Town Annual meeting we will be having the Town Chairman Sam Stratton at out 1st Meeting June 10th at 10AM  to explain what will be changing for fees on your tax bill.  He is looking for suggestions on how to keep the town dump and Roads going. Please mark you calendars to attend.
We had a bad test for bacterial on 4-18-23 so we had to redo 5 tests to show everything is ok.  Please see the Well info for the updated bacterial testing results.

4-17-23 Annual Town Hall Meeting this Tues, April 18th at 7PM.  Its important to show up for this one.  The Town board wants your input on what they need to do next to keep running the Town they way we are use to... Times are changing and so is inflation.  In order for us to keep financial obligations and concerns the Town has for the Town dump and Roads.  They want to hear from us.  Please come to the meeting let them know if you have any ideas or what your wishes are to keep running smoothly.

3-2-23 We have another leak in the middle of road on corner of Kennedy and Marshal Sq.  Work will be done tomorrow and they water will most likely need to be shut off for the main repair.  Sorry for the inconvenience. We will have it back on as soon a possible. 

1-23-23 We had to shut the water off today for a leak on the main, on Adams this AM. We should have it up and running again in a couple hrs.  Sorry the inconvenience.

The 3rd Annual "Cookies with Santa" was a success again.  This year we had games w/ prizes for the kids as well.  Hope all had wonderful Holiday. See you in the spring.

Halloween was a success, we had alot of kids this year and we were able to show "The Nightmare Before Christmas" movie, so parents can see what we do for the movies in the summer.  
The Christmas party " Cookies w/ Santa" is Dec 18th, Sunday at 11/75 1PM to 3PM. We will have cookies for the kids to decorate to give to Santa on a Santa plate, Pizza and refreshment will be served and are Special Guest "Santa" will be there to tell him what you want for Christmas.  This year we are also do games w/ Prizes.  Hope to see you there.  

-Well it is that time again for the ELMCA meetings to begin.  This Saturday at 10AM for the General Membership @ t-he clubhouse on Kennedy Ave.  We have 4 meetings a year in the summer season. Every 2nd Saturday of the month, June 11th, July 9th, August 13th & Sept 10th.  Come hear what we have planned for the season for fun activities and work that we will be doing for improvements. We are always looking for suggestions and Volunteers.  Here is your chance to help make a difference in your community.  

2-11-22  It seems we have a small leak on Cooliage, across from Gloria Park, closest to Columbus.  We will be shutting the water off on Monday for the repairs to made.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Should be late AM that will happen once they get digging done. Please make accommodations for this.  It also seems to be icy, so beware. 

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to put some reminders out there... with the cold we are having, don't forget to let your faucets drip to keep the flowing going and less chance of freezing, if you have those kinda issues in the weather.  Our Cookies with Santa was a hit... we got a pretty good turn out even with Covid around.. Photos to follow of the fun the kids had...A big Thank you to 11/75 for Donating the room for us to do this.....   ELIA is putting on a Winter Golf on Eagle Lake, Saturday, Feb 5th, 12PM to 4PM @ Michael's on the Lake, they are trying to raise money for LOVE INC, in Burlington, $10 per golfer, singles welcome, Children under 12 Free, Golf Clubs and Tennis balls provided.  There will be Awards, Raffles, You can Win a Full Pig with a freezer...Food and Drink Specials at Michael's also.  Sounds like a good time to fight the Cabin Fever.. 

Hey Everyone,  We are having out 2nd Annual Cookies with Santa on Saturday, Dec 18th, from 11 to 1PM @ 11/75.  Kids can come decorate their cookies to give to Santa for Christmas Eve.  Pizza & Refreshments are being served also.  

11-5-21 We have a leak at the corner of Kennedy and Marshall Sq. So the water will be shut off for about 2 or 3 hrs this AM, to replace a pipe and and shut off valve.  Sorry for any inconvenience. we will have it on as soon as possible.

10-23-21  Trick or Treating for the Town of Dover is on Sunday, Oct 31st from 6 to 8PM.....This Year for Halloween we will be handing out Candy to the Trick or Treaters between 6 and 8PM @ the Clubhouse on Kennedy Ave. 
We also will be having our "Cookies with Santa" again this year.  We will be announcing location, Date and time as we get closer to the season. 

9-21-21 There is a leak at the Marshall Sq pump house that is getting fixed today.  They will be shutting off the water for awhile this morning to fix the leak.  We will have the water back on as soon as possible.

9-10-21 Members meeting Tomorrow at 10AM at the Clubhouse... Then we have movie night at dusk @ the clubhouse. 

9-3-21 Don't forget we have Fireworks on the Lake Saturday, Sept 4th @Dusk Happy Labor Day & end of Summer.

8-26-21 By now you should have gotten a letter or several if you own more that one tax key# in the Eagle Creek Farm #4 Drainage district of Racine County.  We tried, but we lost the court battle for the annexation of the subdivision and the Town of Dover. For the smaller sized lots that are less than 1 acre, your assessments will be $63.60 each yr for 5 yr term.  Till the next assessment... If you have more than 1 tax key # with adjacent properties you can combine them to save you costs on each one.  The County can help you with this by doing a quit claim deed to combine (only) adjacent properties into 1 tax key #. If you are going to do this you better do it before they get the tax rolls out so by the end Sept/ begining of Oct, you should have it recorded if you are going to do it.  (This does not work for the  Association lot fees- the Bylaws & Articles state by the plat from 30's) There will be a hearing on Sept 14th @7PM at the Ives Grove building right off Hwy 20 & I-94, if you have any questions.  I would suggest you go.  They are setting the amount of $752,500 for the total amount of the assessment for the 5 years.  They stated at the August 19th meeting they will be starting bank repairs & dredging of the creek by the lake 1st.  They have no plans at this time to do anything with the lateral that has been broken since the 80's in our subdivision... We have to make sure they put this on the next assessment to really be getting any benefit for our subdivision. 

7-6-21  Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July.  We have another meeting this Saturday, July 10th at the clubhouse @10AM and its movie night again for the kids at dusk also at the clubhouse.  Please pass it along about the movies.  We have not been getting a good attendance.  We don't know what movie we get till sometimes the day of and it depends on who shows up.  If young kids come, we show G rated movies if teens or adults come we show PG13.  We are getting a banner made to put up at the front of the Manor and set in signs for the parks also, as reminders.

6-9-21  We are having another Movie Night this Sat Night 6-12-21 @ Dusk @ the Clubhouse on Kennedy.  We should be able to start the movie this time at 8:30PM this time.  The screen seems to light up ok with at that hr of the night.  Hope to see you there. Again We will provide Popcorn, You bring what you want to drink, lawn chair or blanket. 1st Showing if we get enough kids will be Rated G, 2nd movie will be PG13.  Also we have our 1st meeting of the season at 10am for General Membership that same day. 

6-1-21 We currently have a water leak on Kennedy and the Water has been shut off due to emergency repairs needing to be done.  We will have the water back on as soon as possible. It should only be a couple of hours that is it is off while the Certified Operator is making the repairs. 

By now all of you should have received a newsletter with lots of information of the past year and the upcoming year of what we have planned. 

Just a reminder that we will be having a movie this Sunday at the Clubhouse at dusk.  We will be showing a G rated movie for the kids and if we get enough to show we will be doing the 2nd show after a PG13 movie.  Come check it out.  Please bring your own lawn chair and what you want to drink... We will be suppling the popcorn. Please no parking on the street.  Please make sure children are accompanied with an adult. There will be a few people on the board present, but we are not babysitters. 

Here is the reminder dates for the General meetings coming up this season: Start at 10AM 
June 12th  
July 10th 
August 14th 
September 11th 
Hope to see you there.

FYI: I was at the last Town Hall Annual meeting for Dover and they asked me put this on our Website.
Its been about 10 Yrs since we have had a price increase for the Sewer rates. Due to the lift stations being about 43 Yrs old it is time to update, the DNR is putting on the pressure also.   So the project is going cost $4,725,400. They have applied for a Clean Water funding and Town of Dover will be receiving $423,080.22 from the American Rescue plan Act (ARPA) of 2021.  There are restriction on what it can be spent on and Dover is working what funds can and will be used for.  With a possible 15% forgivness of $708,810 the loan would be $3,216,590.  which will bring the Sewer rates up to $140 per Qrt instead of the $100 per Qrt we pay now.  If you have further questions please contact ELUSD. 

It seems that we are getting complaints from neighbors against other neighbors for being inconsiderate things to other neighbors. Please be considerate of others that you live by.  

Just a reminder that bills have been out for 6 months if you are on the payment plan please pay your 2nd half of your water bill & If you have not paid anything on your water bill or lot fees from the last billing cycle, we will be putting liens on at the court house soon & If you are delinquent on your water bill we will be doing shut offs soon as well. 

We are looking to do a movie in the park Saturday  May 29th, (Memorial Day Weekend) We are looking for movie recommendations. We would like to do a kids movie first than maybe a PG movie after that.  
We are thinking that we will be doing it a the clubhouse, so we have bathrooms to use and make popcorn, but it will be outside so bring a lawn chair..  We will keep you up to date as soon as we know more. 

4-26-21 Water is shut off for a bit today.. We had a leak on Corner of Marshall Sq and Quincy.  It should be back on shortly. 

Spring is in the air... We are looking for volunteers for spring clean up.  at the beach and the lakeshore.  Please contact a board member to see how you can better your community. 

Update on Racine County Drainage District:  We are still in the Court of appeals.  The Attorney for the Drainage District believes we should hear something around the end of the month.  With Covid it has slowed things down in our court systems.

Leak is all fixed it was a junction connection in a vacant lot on the main.

We have a leak on the main, on Lincoln Ave, between Kennedy and Wilson... So we will be shutting off the water Monday AM... Not sure of exact time yet, but will be back on as soon as the repair has been made.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

See below the dates for General Members meetings: For Year 2021

June 12th = 10AM 
July 10th = 10 AM
August 14th = 10AM
September 11th 10AM 

At the Clubhouse as usual.  @ 24815 Kennedy Rd 

One of our members has built and installed a Food pantry at the front of the Manor for anyone to use.  2 houses in off the left / West side of the road from Hwy 11. 

Update: we have filed a Court of Appeals on the Drainage District issue and it has been delayed due to the Covid19.  Hoping to have more info on a date soon. 

Update: we are still working on this Drainage District issue.  The Town is still with us in this lawsuit. 

Update:  There is a Regular meeting for the Racine County Drainage Board Committee on this Thursday, Dec 12th at 1PM at the Ives Grove annexation building if anyone would like to attend. 

Update: The Hearing for the Racine County Drainage Board Annexation Was last week.  The Engineer fully admitted that they were not benefiting us in the subdivision.  The hearing was to vote on the maps and specifications that were suppose to be available to us on their website, at the town hall and the county.  None of that was done and we had 5 mins to look the maps over. The maps are now at the County and the Town hall if anyone would like to look them over.  The DATCP person was at this meeting and saw what is happening.  We are moving forward with our plans.  We have also been asked to add Eagle Lake Tributary to our website (under the Association Documents). I wish I had a set of plans to put up on this site, but we were not given them.

UPDATE: There will be another Hearing for the Racine County Drainage Board on our Annexation on Oct 23rd.  Details to be given by them mailing out letters to us again.  PLEASE TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!  7PM at the Ives Grove, Annexation Building on Hwy 20. 

UPDATE: We talked to the Town of Dover last meeting for the Town and they have decided to Join us in the lawsuit, Our Association attorney and the Town of Dover Attorney has  now filed the suit for Farm #4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  

UPDATE:  At our last Special Members meeting June 29th, 2019, members voted to move forward with our law suite and our attorney will be filing documents this week.  We had a short window of time to get this in.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or a board member.  We hope that the drainage district shares their proof (engineering reports, that we have been asking for from day 1) of us benefiting our community, finally.  We feel that it is not a benefit and that it is not helping us what so ever. Please share with your neighbors and let them know we are on the agenda for the Town of Dover on their next meeting July 8th.  Hope you can make it and show support for being against the County Drainage District.  The Town Board needs to know that its Town Members are not happy with the Drainage District and we would like to have the Town take this over and away from the current County Drainage District. We will also be filling a Petition to have the County Drainage District elected officials  no longer appointed. (Taxation without representation) especially with DATCP not being able to approve or disapprove of the annexation due to the State Statue they filled under.  Contact your local elected officials, Robin Voss, Van Wanggaard offices. 

We are having a Special Meeting on Saturday, June 29th, 2019 at 10AM @ our Clubhouse (28415 Kennedy Ave) on the Farm #4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  Our Attorney will be present to answer questions on our next steps.  
Now that DATCP has stated they can not Approve or Disapprove the Annexation due to the State Statue used.  Please let your neighbors / other members know.  

UPDATE: You may have heard by know from the last meeting in April that our letters and most of everyone else's letters of objection have been denied.   FYI -You will have 30 days from the letter of objections sent out to file with the court of appeals, if you are are going that direction for the Farm # 4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  The Drainage district has to submit all of our letters of objections to DATCP in Madison for the final say also in this. 

FYI: for new Farm #4 / Eagle Creek Farm Drainage District in Racine, WI 
will conduct a special meeting on April 23rd, 2019.  at the Village of Rochester Auditorium  at 7PM.  300 W. Spring Street, Rochester, WI.  The purpose of the meeting will be to review any objections received regarding the proposed annexation of land into the district and to accept or deny such objections.  
Persons wanting to receive notices of meetings by email should contact Kim Williams at [email protected]

Our Association has hired an attorney to work on behalf of our Association and has had the Attorney submit a letter of Objection and why we do not benefit from this annexation.  This will also be read and discussed at this meeting. If you would like to attend.  These letters of objection where to be sent within 30 days of the Hearing that happened last month.  

We still are looking for bids to put in the baseball diamond backing yet. So if you know anyone with equipment to install and have insurance. Please have them contact a member of the board to submit a bid. 

I was notified by the Town of Dover that a few numbers have changed.  The Building Inspector Cell # is  262-895-9405 and Non emergency for the Town of Dover Water Patrol is 262-758-0450.