Welcome to the Eagle Lake Manor Community Association's Website

We are looking for Volunteers to help out with cleaning up the lakefront area where we put our fishing pier in. (Going in Wed May 23rd)  We want to get rid of all the weeds in the rocks on the shoreline.  We will be planting some new trees as well (colorful mature ones) to replace the dead Ash trees we took down last year.  We would like to replant some low growing prairie plantings in the rocks to keep the weeds down.  So if you are interested in making our community look better.  Please contact one of your board members or myself to find out how you can help.  We are also looking for some people for planting some perennial & annual flowers for the kids to get involved as well. 
We can't do it alone.  It takes a community to do it. 
If anyone has High school kids that need community service to complete for your high school requirements as well.
We got a great start on our Phase 1 of the clean up.  A great Big Thank you to all that helped out today.  We will try again for next weekend, weather permitting.  Please bring your own tools and gloves.