Welcome to the Eagle Lake Manor Community Association's Website

Water for the Community Well will be shut off today for a  few hours , while our Certified operator does a repair on Peninsula Dr.  A water shut off valve was ran over.  Here is another reason why you can't bury your shut off valves.  It also deteriorate them & Please stay off the median.  They are working to get it back on as soon as possible.  

Fishing Pier is In!  Please keep in mind the other piers at Manor Bay Park are private with private Boats.  Please use the Fishing Pier only and respect others property. 

We are still working on the Lakeshore at Manor Bay Park in Phases.  It will be too hot this weekend to do anything. So stay tuned. 
If anyone has High school kids that need community service to complete for your high school requirements as well.
We got a great start on our Phase 1 of the clean up a couple weeks ago.  A great Big Thank you to all that helped out.