10-17-23 There is a water leak on Lakeshore drive, so we will be shutting off the water for the repair most likely. Waiting to here when the repair will be done. Will keep you updated as soon we know.

8-31-23 - Well the season has gone by fast and we are having our last meet for the year Sept 9th, at 10AM. Hope to see you there. 

8-10-23  Just a reminder that we are having our General Members meeting this Saturday at 10AM at the Clubhouse on Kennedy Ave.  Hope to see you there.

6-3-23 Its that time of year again and we will be having our 1st Meeting of the Season, Next Saturday June 10th, 2023 at 10 AM for the General Membership. We will be having out Town of Dover Chairman - Sam Stratton there to talk about the changing of tax bill. To help with Road repairs.  Please come if you can.   

5-2-23 Since alot of people did not show up for the Town Annual meeting we will be having the Town Chairman Sam Stratton at out 1st Meeting June 10th at 10AM  to explain what will be changing for fees on your tax bill.  He is looking for suggestions on how to keep the town dump and Roads going. Please mark you calendars to attend.
We had a bad test for bacterial on 4-18-23 so we had to redo 5 tests to show everything is ok.  Please see the Well info for the updated bacterial testing results.

Just a reminder that bills have been out for 6 months if you are on the payment plan please pay your 2nd half of your water bill & If you have not paid anything on your water bill or lot fees from the last billing cycle, we will be putting liens on at the court house soon & If you are delinquent on your water bill we will be doing shut offs soon as well. 

We still are looking for bids to put in the baseball diamond backing yet. So if you know anyone with equipment to install and have insurance. Please have them contact a member of the board to submit a bid. 

I was notified by the Town of Dover that a few numbers have changed.  The Building Inspector Cell # is  262-895-9405 and Non emergency for the Town of Dover Water Patrol is 262-758-0450.