We have found the issues with the well water pressure.  There was something plugging the main.  Some of the flakes have gone down line, so you may have to open your aerators on the faucets to let it out if you have water pressure issues. We will be installing water hydrants in some locations to help with the future if needed to flush out the system.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

We are currently having Well / Water issues down a main line in the back yard of Kennedy and Columbus properties.  We are not sure what the problem is yet.  We maybe shutting off the water on that main line on Friday to check other possibilities.  Please make sure if you are on the water system in that area that you make arrangements for water for that day... 

We have installed a snow fence on the lakefront and left 1 opening in the snow fence for snowmobilers and ATV's to go in and out on the frozen lake.  We do not want ice shacks going on and off there.  We have closed the beach also so no ice shacks are going on and off the lake there.  We had someone damage a brand new picnic table last year and bent the seat back on the beach.  So that will be closed from now on.  There is a boat launch off from Michaels restaurant and a small fire lane / boat launch off Lake sure from I believe end of Jackson St, that can be use to take ice shacks on and off the lake.  Please use those as to not damage the parks and lakeshore anymore, it cost too much to do the repairs.  Thank you. 

Please go out and VOTE today if you have not already..... Every VOTE counts...!!!!

We have been hearing a lot about break ins and car thefts lately in our surrounding areas. Union Grove, Waterford and now today I hear that its happening in our community.  Not in our subdivision, but on Hwy 75 in Kansasville now.  Please lock your cars and houses.  I know we all don't and have been safe for many years, but times are changing... please are getting crazier in desperation. 

TOWN of DOVER Trick or Treating is Saturday, 31st 6PM thru 8PM.  Please have your front porch light on if you wish to participate..... Have fun and Stay safe....

We have been working with technical difficulties with the projector and our phones to stream movies with in a distance from the internet... and a couple other issues.  We are working on them... but sad to say weather has taken a turn and it is too cold now for the year to do movies, but we will continue to work out the bugs and start them up in the spring. 

Sad but true the Season is over, BUT   we have some exciting news.  We purchased a large blow up movie screen and projector to have movies in the park.  We are working on how to use it and would like to try it out very soon. Please spread the word to the neighbors and we will be setting up some dates for Movies soon.  PLEASE STAY TUNED for dates.. 

ELIA is having its annual meeting this Saturday, August 29 at 9AM to 10:30AM at the St. Mary's picnic pavillion. 

See below the dates for General Members meetings: 

June 13th = 10AM 
July 11th = 10 AM
August 8th = 10AM
September 12th 10AM 

At the Clubhouse as usual.  @ 24815 Kennedy Rd 

One of our members has built and installed a Food pantry at the front of the Manor for anyone to use.  2 houses in off the left / West side of the road from Hwy 11. 

Update: we have filed a Court of Appeals on the Drainage District issue and it has been delayed due to the Covid19.  Hoping to have more info on a date soon. 

Update: we are still working on this Drainage District issue.  The Town is still with us in this lawsuit. 

Update:  There is a Regular meeting for the Racine County Drainage Board Committee on this Thursday, Dec 12th at 1PM at the Ives Grove annexation building if anyone would like to attend. 

Update: The Hearing for the Racine County Drainage Board Annexation Was last week.  The Engineer fully admitted that they were not benefiting us in the subdivision.  The hearing was to vote on the maps and specifications that were suppose to be available to us on their website, at the town hall and the county.  None of that was done and we had 5 mins to look the maps over. The maps are now at the County and the Town hall if anyone would like to look them over.  The DATCP person was at this meeting and saw what is happening.  We are moving forward with our plans.  We have also been asked to add Eagle Lake Tributary to our website (under the Association Documents). I wish I had a set of plans to put up on this site, but we were not given them.

UPDATE: There will be another Hearing for the Racine County Drainage Board on our Annexation on Oct 23rd.  Details to be given by them mailing out letters to us again.  PLEASE TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!  7PM at the Ives Grove, Annexation Building on Hwy 20. 

UPDATE: We talked to the Town of Dover last meeting for the Town and they have decided to Join us in the lawsuit, Our Association attorney and the Town of Dover Attorney has  now filed the suit for Farm #4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  

UPDATE:  At our last Special Members meeting June 29th, 2019, members voted to move forward with our law suite and our attorney will be filing documents this week.  We had a short window of time to get this in.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or a board member.  We hope that the drainage district shares their proof (engineering reports, that we have been asking for from day 1) of us benefiting our community, finally.  We feel that it is not a benefit and that it is not helping us what so ever. Please share with your neighbors and let them know we are on the agenda for the Town of Dover on their next meeting July 8th.  Hope you can make it and show support for being against the County Drainage District.  The Town Board needs to know that its Town Members are not happy with the Drainage District and we would like to have the Town take this over and away from the current County Drainage District. We will also be filling a Petition to have the County Drainage District elected officials  no longer appointed. (Taxation without representation) especially with DATCP not being able to approve or disapprove of the annexation due to the State Statue they filled under.  Contact your local elected officials, Robin Voss, Van Wanggaard offices. 

We are having a Special Meeting on Saturday, June 29th, 2019 at 10AM @ our Clubhouse (28415 Kennedy Ave) on the Farm #4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  Our Attorney will be present to answer questions on our next steps.  
Now that DATCP has stated they can not Approve or Disapprove the Annexation due to the State Statue used.  Please let your neighbors / other members know.  

UPDATE: You may have heard by know from the last meeting in April that our letters and most of everyone else's letters of objection have been denied.   FYI -You will have 30 days from the letter of objections sent out to file with the court of appeals, if you are are going that direction for the Farm # 4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  The Drainage district has to submit all of our letters of objections to DATCP in Madison for the final say also in this. 

FYI: for new Farm #4 / Eagle Creek Farm Drainage District in Racine, WI 
will conduct a special meeting on April 23rd, 2019.  at the Village of Rochester Auditorium  at 7PM.  300 W. Spring Street, Rochester, WI.  The purpose of the meeting will be to review any objections received regarding the proposed annexation of land into the district and to accept or deny such objections.  
Persons wanting to receive notices of meetings by email should contact Kim Williams at [email protected]

Our Association has hired an attorney to work on behalf of our Association and has had the Attorney submit a letter of Objection and why we do not benefit from this annexation.  This will also be read and discussed at this meeting. If you would like to attend.  These letters of objection where to be sent within 30 days of the Hearing that happened last month.  

We still are looking for bids to put in the baseball diamond backing yet. So if you know anyone with equipment to install and have insurance. Please have them contact a member of the board to submit a bid. 

I was notified by the Town of Dover that a few numbers have changed.  The Building Inspector Cell # is  262-895-9405 and Non emergency for the Town of Dover Water Patrol is 262-758-0450.