Hey everyone, We are having sand delivered tomorrow afternoon at the Beach.  We need helpers to spread it out.  Bring a rake and your neighbors.  Just please be aware of the turtle eggs. 

There is a Boat Parade - tieup - on August 10th at 12:45PM meet at the Michael's area on he lake then 1PM Begin lap of lake and 2PM end tie up.  Eagle Lake Improvement Association.

UPDATE: We talked to the Town of Dover last meeting for the Town and they have decided to Join us in the lawsuit, Our Association attorney and the Town of Dover Attorney has  now filed the suit for Farm # Eagle Creek Drainage District.  

UPDATE:  At our last Special Members meeting June 29th, 2019, members voted to move forward with our law suite and our attorney will be filing documents this week.  We had a short window of time to get this in.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or a board member.  We hope that the drainage district shares their proof (engineering reports, that we have been asking for from day 1) of us benefiting our community, finally.  We feel that it is not a benefit and that it is not helping us what so ever. Please share with your neighbors and let them know we are on the agenda for the Town of Dover on their next meeting July 8th.  Hope you can make it and show support for being against the County Drainage District.  The Town Board needs to know that its Town Members are not happy with the Drainage District and we would like to have the Town take this over and away from the current County Drainage District. We will also be filling a Petition to have the County Drainage District elected officials  no longer appointed. (Taxation without representation) especially with DATCP not being able to approve or disapprove of the annexation due to the State Statue they filled under.  Contact your local elected officials, Robin Voss, Van Wanggaard offices. 

We are having a Special Meeting on Saturday, June 29th, 2019 at 10AM @ our Clubhouse (28415 Kennedy Ave) on the Farm #4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  Our Attorney will be present to answer questions on our next steps.  
Now that DATCP has stated they can not Approve or Disapprove the Annexation due to the State Statue used.  Please let your neighbors / other members know.  

Our next Regular meeting for the General Membership is Saturday, July 13th at 10AM.

UPDATE: You may have heard by know from the last meeting in April that our letters and most of everyone else's letters of objection have been denied.   FYI -You will have 30 days from the letter of objections sent out to file with the court of appeals, if you are are going that direction for the Farm # 4 Eagle Creek Drainage District.  The Drainage district has to submit all of our letters of objections to DATCP in Madison for the final say also in this. 

FYI: for new Farm #4 / Eagle Creek Farm Drainage District in Racine, WI 
will conduct a special meeting on April 23rd, 2019.  at the Village of Rochester Auditorium  at 7PM.  300 W. Spring Street, Rochester, WI.  The purpose of the meeting will be to review any objections received regarding the proposed annexation of land into the district and to accept or deny such objections.  
Persons wanting to receive notices of meetings by email should contact Kim Williams at [email protected]

Our Association has hired an attorney to work on behalf of our Association and has had the Attorney submit a letter of Objection and why we do not benefit from this annexation.  This will also be read and discussed at this meeting. If you would like to attend.  These letters of objection where to be sent within 30 days of the Hearing that happened last month.  

The Association will be starting our regular meetings for the Season the 2nd Saturday of the Month starting in June.
At the ELMCA clubhouse, General Membership meetings are held at 10AM.  June 8th, July 13th, August 10th & Sept 14th, for the 2019 year. 

We still are looking for bids to put in the baseball diamond backing yet. So if you know anyone with equipment to install and have insurance. Please have them contact a member of the board to submit a bid. 

I was notified by the Town of Dover that a few numbers have changed.  The Building Inspector Cell # is  262-895-9405 and Non emergency for the Town of Dover Water Patrol is 262-758-0450.